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Saleae logic

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Dave, this can be a review for future posts:

I saw the price and somehow got interested, if you can get you hands on one of those and give it a review it will be great.

Dave has done a video on logic analysers:

Now check the specs and decide for yourself. You can also try their software.

I have a Saleae.  It's pretty useful.  I was going to mention that Dave's previous blog pretty much covers these in general, though he only passingly mentions this type that doesn't use a buffer, but real time streams over USB.  It's good for hobby work and I do a lot of interfaces with SPI, I2C, serial, and parallel data streams.  The only limitation I've had is that 8 channels was not enough for a 8bit parallel data interface with 4bit address that I've had to do.

Probably if you want Dave to review something the best strategy is to beg the retailer, not Dave, because if I were him I wouldn't want to go off buying new products all the time to review, or ask for them for free.

Tell them you'll buy it if he approves, and see where that goes.

I've been seeing adverts for that all over the place. It would be nice if it had a display so it could give realtime measurements at clock rates faster then that of the USB connection to the PC also a display would give it a degree of mobility. and umm it needs more then 8 channels :P


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