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I think we need a section for BAD product design, so we can ponder on how we would do it better :)

More cheap multimeters...

My stupid car has a warning light shaped like an engine. When the light came on, I had visions of engine problems and big $$$$, turns out this warning light is for the air system, so your air filter needs replacing! WHY chose that symbol?

Front loader washing machines you can't stop half way during the cycle to put extra clothes into or get out early to hang out because you are in a hurry.

My new Sanyo Xacti blog camcorder that has a 2.5mm external mic socket and USB connection only on the docking station, and then the USB socket it propriety anyway!


Top loaders aren't necessarily any better. You can't flood the place, granted, but internal 'intelligence' can still be annoying.

Mine has a few extra features:

- You simply can't (and I really mean can't) open the damn thing if it is any warmer than 30°C inside. Suppose you have it set to 40°C and want to add some more, nope. I could accept this for say 50 or 55°C, but not 30°!

- It tries to be user friendly and positions the filling port pointing upwards to the lid. As the clothing moves around, it has to shift it several times to get it to stay upright. This takes quite a while...yawn... I could do that with my bare hands in a few seconds.

- It's got the most insidious beeper you can imagine. BEEEP, BEEEEEEP, .... , BEEEEEEEEP, ... "Thank god it's over", ... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, ...... The intervals are so strange, you never know when it's really done with beeping.

My stupid product of the century is Tivo.

Now do not get me wrong I love my tivo, but it has a few annoying features.

#1 you can not slave them (if you have more than 1 you can not just set everything up on the master and it tells a slave unit(s) what to do)

#2 if you have shows you want recorded (it makes its own list based on what you like) say one show starts 19:30 - 20:00, another is 20:00 - 20:30 both on the same channel, it does not say hey I can just do one recording from 19:30 - 20:30 and use ONE tuner, no it has to do them as separate shows and use TWO tuners.

#3 it take soooooooo long to boot up, you have a power blip, it will take +10 minutes to get to a point where you can do anything with it :(

#4 the remote buttons are not very well de-bounced, if you do 3 quick presses of a button (say the fast forward to get to maximum forward speed) it will record this as 4 presses and drop back to play speed :(.......

(insert some of Dave's frustration quotes here)


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