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Server down 13th August

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The server was bought down today because the 2nd mirror servere FINALLY came back online at GorillaServers after the fire in April, yes it took that long.
This needs lots fo tweaks to get working again, gnif is working furiously on it.

Work complete, shold be fully operation again thanks to gnif  :-+

You have to  :-DD
The new server has failed within 24 hours!
Power failed or was shut off it seems!
Forum still works because it's a redundant system, but may be a bit slower.


--- Quote ---Our tech replaced the the memory, and reapplied the thermal paste on the cpu just to be safe. We ran our tests for a couple of hours and found no issues.
--- End quote ---

Should I send them a dumpster PC? It's probably more reliable  :-DD

They are damn lucky they are cheap, but now we know why...

WTF??? If the memory was compromised due to the April 4th fire and water damage event, the whole motherboard will also be compromised.  It smells like they cant diagnose the failure so are 'shotgunning' it with unnecessary parts replacement.  Be glad its their box you are renting!

OTOH, refitting heatsinks with fresh thermal paste is the proper thing to do if there is any possibility that a system has been handled roughly enough to disturb them.


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