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I can't "unnotify" from a thread. I get the message "An error has occurred! Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again."

I sometimes have the same problem when logging off from the forum.
I use Firefox and I tried also in "trouble shoot mode" with all addons disabled, same problem.
Then I tried Chromium, same problem...

I'm seeing that too, here and there, occasionally, for example when I try to add a topic to the ignore topics list, etc.  Might help if you logout, close all EEVblog pages, delete all EEVblog cookies, then login again.

Also don't enable 'Dark Reader' for the domain, in case you have that Firefox extension.

Thanks for trying to help. I setup Firefox to always delete cookies when closing and I don't use the dark theme.  :-//

I am seeing this a lot lately when enabling notification on threads.  I usually can get it to work if I refresh and retry a few times, but not always.  :(

Just doing some testing and I even get the error occasionally when just clicking the link to log out or back in.
I temporarily turned off "Two-step authentication" on my account just in case that made any difference ... it didn't.
Also tested in Chrome in case my Firefox plugins are somehow interfering (no adblock, but some other stuff) and I still get the error.


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