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After so many wonderful videos, Dave must perhaps sometimes lack of inspiration regarding the subject of new videos.  :-+  :clap: :clap:
I suggest you help with your suggestions.

I begin by suggesting videos about audio devices of all kinds (for exemple, amplifiers, receivers, ...)  old and recent, including tubes gears.

Offering suggestions is not a problem in my book and does not deserve such a comment.

Your cynicism is your problem.


--- Quote from: wilfred on May 14, 2017, 05:37:10 am ---@oldway, for someone who has been around long enough to make well over one thousand posts your optimism that offering suggestions will be helpful is charming.  :-+
Somewhere along I became cynical.  :--

--- End quote ---
I would rather like to know what Dave thinks about this ...
If it does not help, I agree this topic to be deleted.
I created this topic in good faith and with good intention.
If it help, as the child board "Suggestions" is not often read, maybe this topic should be moved to EEVblog SPECIFIC ?


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