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Table sized professional projector

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I have access to some working, but outdated (because UHP lamps are replaced by LED) table sized professional projectors and would like to donate one for teardown just to hear Dave's added wit. I tried to email at eevblog-delivery back in November to get a destination address, but I guess.. You know... Piss in the ocean.. I didn't get any reply.
Maybe there is some interest in seeing this projector being butchered?

Seems a shame to tear down such a nice projector, outdated for certain professional applications maybe but those are much nicer than the projectors many people still use. The lamps are still widely available.

The information is easily found in a google search:
Check first what the cost of shipping will be, might be more than you expect (but we don't know your location).

If its not something you can sell or is not working, feel free to teardown yourself and post photos or video.

I got permission from my boss to ship it, but since my workplace has deals and systems for international shipping, I would like to use this system.
Yes, I expect the shipping to be around $100USD, but I would like to talk to Dave about taxes and import fees so he doesn't have to pay it.

$100 is fairly expensive for shipping.

Australia de minimus is $1000 AUD, so below that value would be good. To be safe you can mark the item as a gift, non-working, and value of <$100.


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