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Tapatalk has been removed

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--- Quote from: gnavigator1007 on February 15, 2017, 09:04:13 pm ---I get intermittent nagging. Won't have to deal with it for awhile, but then if I see it once I'll see it several more times over the next few days before it leaves me alone again

--- End quote ---
Needs to be clarified if the issues with Tapatalk spamming popups is since circa 12 hours ago when the plugin was re-installed.

Or that people are talking about longer ago.

So far I haven't used the phone much today but after the initial message I had in the morning (UK) I haven't been bothered by it.

Time will tell though.  :popcorn:

I see, sorry about that. I've only seen it once so far today


--- Quote from: EEVblog on February 14, 2017, 11:14:50 pm ---The SMF4Mobile plugin should handle a mobile friendly version of the site.
Let's see how many complaints I get...

--- End quote ---

oh god. so. early. '00. (great on the pc, very minimalistic, but not really smartphone friendly)
looks like the microchip forum.
that's how mobile friendly it is :/
even though there should be an alternative to tapatalk: with the last update some months ago they asked permission to access my contacts list. never updated since

The only reason I know some tapatalk thing exists is by lots of texts with "send with tapatalk" added to forum posts, and I find these unrelated advertisements quite annoying.

Apparently it's possible for individual users to remove such texts from their posts, but applications which add such idiocy should have no place in this world.

After posting this I found this newer thread from 2019:!)/

Which may explain that these added text strings are less / or gone lately.


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