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Tapatalk has been removed

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Sorry to people who use Tapatalk, but over time I've gotten too many reports about Tapatalk having annoying popups etc, so have uninstalled it. Also because of some recent related issues.
The SMF4Mobile plugin should handle a mobile friendly version of the site.
Let's see how many complaints I get...

Consider this me complaining. I only ever browse on my iPad and Tapatalk just makes it a million times easier to manage threads (you can follow any thread without replying to it, get push notifications etc.) plus it condenses the 4 or 5 forums I visit into a single app, allowing me to keep track of threads across forums in a single place. It also makes it super easy to post images from a mobile device. Over the last three years I've exclusively used Tapatalk to browse the forum. (I browse from bed at night and in the morning.)

The SMF4Mobile plugin does not work on tablets (at least on the iPad) and frankly the normal forum interface absolutely sucks when it comes to managing threads (subscribing to them, viewing and sorting unread posts and getting updates on PMs and replies) compared to Tapatalk. I just tried it on my phone and did get the mobile site, but it's very limited and and a poor substitute.

If it's simply an issue of people complaining about the popups, that can be disabled via an option in the Tapatalk plugin. If that's not working, I can even completely remove the pop up related code from the plugin itself for you.

Basically, without Tapatalk support, you most likely won't see me around as much, which is shame because this is such a great community.

For me the issue is two fold: Basically, if I have to log in to a website that's completely separate from where I read my other forums (which is in Tapatalk), I most likely won't due to the convenience factor. The second issue is the sub-par interface for managing threads compared to Tapatalk, which makes it even more of a pain. I could overlook the first issue if the forum used better software, but I know that's not an option.

Honestly, just typing out this post on my iPad has taken me three times as long compared to Tapatalk. My finger accidentally hits the Next/Previous Form button, which is right above the backspace key and causes me to end up typing in to he subject box while in the middle of a sentence.  When typing fast the text lag is horrendous due to all the animated emoticons above the text box bogging down Safari... Ugh, yeah, there's no way I can do long posts from my iPad anymore.

So, yeah, unless this is fixed you guys won't see me nearly as often. I'll probably end up canceling my Supporter Account this year too. Sorry Dave, Tapatalk was the killer app for me. I'd be happy to take a go at fixing the pop up issue, I just can't stand browsing the forum like this from my iPad. It really bums me out, because this has become my favorite forum and really feels like a second home.

Please, please reconsider this!

Thanks Tim
A compelling usage case, so ok, it's now back, can you please verify it works.
It might very well need a custom code tweak for the popups, can people confirm this is still happening? (the option is disable like it was last time, it was only supposed to pop up once, not every session)
Perhaps the new install won't have an issue?

I just checked and it seems that there are about 4000 "followers" of the EEVblog forum on Tapatalk, so I guess it's popular, oops....

Ah crap.

I guess this means I will be cutting my forum browsing by about 80%
Also won't renew my supporter account



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