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--- Quote from: cdev on May 06, 2022, 01:42:34 am ---
--- Quote from: Nusa on April 26, 2022, 05:01:49 am ---Measure the before and after floor angle.

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Dave Really would need a time-traveling car to go back in time to make the before measurement.

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That would have been cool.
I did do this:


--- Quote from: cdev on May 05, 2022, 11:42:54 pm ---
 New Zealand has big earthquakes, like the ones in Calif.

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And Japan, Chile, Indonesia ...

All are on the edges of massive tectonic plates and suffer the consequences of the tremendous pressures built up by the relentless movement of those tectonic plates.

I still have and use those anchors on my furniture, a habit I picked up in California, in the Bay Area. To keep my bookshelfs, monitors, computers, for example, from falling down in an earthquake.

Maybe the shaking is associated with waves of motion from which one could extract angles, vectors? and then if you could do that in multiple places, it might tell you something??  Where  the source of the energy was?

Bay Area was in a real hotbed of faultlines.. Also other mysterious lines they have still not figured out. There are many many YT videos on this.. They are clearly prehistoric.. Maybe Lemuria? Mu?

 Really.. those are among the theories..  I am not talking about the demise of the trollies, that is another story.. Public Transit was actually better in the distant past (immediate aftermath of WWII) than it is now! 

I am talking about the mysterious rock walls..  Some people immediately blamed them on the Chinese.. since an admiral has sailed a fleet of huge wooden ships all around the world at one point, and everybody knows the Chinese built all sorts of walls, right?  NOT

This is what I mean.. 

But I think that is VERY unlikely.. Actually more connections exist between California and Russia.. like Fort Ross.. a former fur trading station that is now a state park..,_California

"The first multi-ethnic community in California" the web page claims, but what about the Spanish/Indian mission system?

Which must have been multiethnic..


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