Author Topic: Purchase of electronic components in Farnell EU area eternal delivery problems  (Read 1113 times)

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Company: Farnell
Subject: delivery time (or rather a terrible delivery time).
Until about 2020, purchases at farnell were OK, goods ordered up to 5 p.m were delivered on the next day (within the EU).
Unfortunately, from 2020 there was a terrible problem with the timeliness of deliveries.
The ordered goods are delivered after 4-5 days, sometimes one week after placing the order.

Of course, the company explains the problem with the UK leaving the European Union.

Except that this is a nonsense, I would understand one day longer (max) but not 3-7 days (3 days is rather not real).

If I order from digikey (USA) and such a shipment can reach me (EU) within 3-4 days max with external customs service?
What is this done by farnell, whose documents should go "from the automatic" through the customs clearance?

Therefore, I currently do not recommend using this company. There must be some punishment for a mess!
It was better is much worse!

As far as I know, the parcels are repackaged twice, first sent to the EU in bulk and then repacked in the EU to the recipient !!! Nonsense and absurdity that brings nothing but prolongs the process.


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