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Tools and soldering irons etc.....


Hi Dave,

I love the blog, it always brings a smile to my face, and is very informative..   Keep it up.   If you get any tools from the manufacturers to test, I would love to see a blog or two about any of the following

1. Soldering Irons
2. Hand tools
3. Solder types.

Anyway, here's wishing you all the best, from Scotland in the UK

Richard Wilson

i agree...some tools or a soldering iron could be a good idea....maybe just do a bunch in a whole episode.....or even a tutorial on proper soldering techniques...

i would imagine your blog to-do list is getting pretty extensive  :P

Soldering: here here !

I'm starting to SMD solder and well I've done one chip with not too much hickup so I'm a little less shaky but a blog would be nice with some recomendations for irons

i've KADA 852AD+ soldering n hot air station, is it good?, cheapest i can get from china. i'm proud! not because it is good (infact for me, it is) but because it is my first more pro looking soldering tool. got from ebay. before this, i just use $5 soldering iron, worked for me, but after having KADA, its like having the most expensive equipment. is it good? or durable? hmmmm. i dont really think so, why? because it still cheap compared to others! but so far, so good. :)

p/s: still cant get the hot air gun working right, no experience before and it happened to tear the copper layer away off the pcb once  :o


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