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Topic locked not highlighted



I find that blocked topics are "highlighted" and this gives them more importance when scrolling through posts (instead of ignoring them)

So I suggest to remove the color declaration from index.css

just remove
background: #d4dce2;
background: #d8e1e7;

--- Code: ---.lockedbg {
background: #d4dce2;
.lockedbg2 {
background: #d8e1e7;

--- End code ---

I hope it is useful and taken into consideration

I like that idea. I was scrolling down and a locked topic caught my eye

One might say highlighting a locked topic is good, so others can learn what mistakes not to make.

If the highlight itself bothers, one might make any preferred changes in the personal browser's CSS.  For example I am using the "Stylus" extension for "Firefox" to personalize the EEVblog forum look (mostly for the dark theme derived from MarkF' theme here:

Other web-browsers should have similar ways/extensions/addons to personalize a website's CSS locally, at view time.


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