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Video Suggestion on power mosfet's

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Something I never could understand concerning surface mount power mosfet's is their insane current ratings.
Take the MCACLS290N04YHE3-TP    N-Channel 40 V 290A for example. It claims a Continuous Drain of 290A. 
I just can't believe that at all.  They want me to believe that a few SM pins on the drain and source pins are going to take that ?

Hope Dave could do a video explaining the data sheet with these insane numbers.

It is not about believing. This package has large exposed copper pads on both sides. The die is sandwiched between those copper plates.  The pins will have no issues carrying 300 A. The current capacity is only limited by the Ohmic loses, which are minimal for the copper like this.

Your biggest issue is to keep Tc and Tj within reason from the Rds loses in the transistor itself. This is where you need to engineer a really good cooling solution. And with sub-optimal cooling you will not get anywhere close to 290 A.

And realize that the 290A figure is with the tab case temperature held at 25 degrees C.

That's so that with its specified thermal  junction to case resistance, the die will be no hotter than 175C, the max die temperature rated.

That goes for the maximum device dissipation too. 

We once tested a collector lead of a TO-220 and it held until about 150 amps.  Just in room air.



--- Quote from: seulater on May 30, 2024, 03:24:13 am ---It claims a Continuous Drain of 290A. 
I just can't believe that at all.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's a lie.  In some datasheet (seen in some MOSFET datasheets from IoR, in the fine print notes under the tables is specified that that's only a calculated current, based on the thermal resistance of the transistor's die and the max allowed junction temperature, while the packaging itself can only withstand 75A or so.

Found the example for such a datasheet, see:


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