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Voltage regulation

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I would love to see a blog on voltage regulation.  Methods, set ups, and appropriate choice per application including if/when no regulation is required.

For instance cap selection for say a 7805, when are zener diodes appropriate/not appropriate, other methods, ect.

Love the blog, I look forward to each release.

Thank you for your time. 

I've had problems before with a regulator oscillating because of (my) poor PCB layout and also incorrect decoupling. I t would be nice to have some tips on this.
Also how do you design a power supply WITHOUT a regulator i.e for a high powered audio amplifier.
Any thoughts.


This would be a good point to talk about good and bad PCB design.  Everyone could learn a few things from a nice blog on PCB design tips.  I also could benefit from one about Voltage Regulation because that's been one of my demons too.  I've too often not had the right part in hand when I really needed a better Voltage Regulator.

I have used the 7805 and 7809 with pretty good success.


with linear regulators like the 7805 you want input and output decoupling capacitors as close to the regulator as possible, not much mystery to it

For tips on how to layout PCBs go to and look for past articles by Keith Armstrong. This is mostly aimed for EMC compliance and high speed signals but the basics are there.



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