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WARNING: Compromised Accounts

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There has been a recent spate of existing forum accounts being compromised by spam bots.
Presumably they had their details stolen and reused passwords?
So just a reminder to make your password unique and/or use the 2FA security feature.

Yea I have seen a lot of them recently. Therefore I just set up 2FA here and the process was painless and worked.  :-+

How does one brute-force a password?  Don't you lock the account out for X hours after Y unsuccessful attempts?

Usually, "brute forcing" a password involves a stolen password database file, potentially from some other site where the user with the same name used the same password.

the meat of our dead crew members is being turned into spammer-advertiser cyborgs

can the morgue be locked?


--- Quote from: EEVblog on February 20, 2024, 11:42:15 pm ---and/or use the 2FA security feature.

--- End quote ---

Any chance support for FIDO hardware security keys for 2FA (Yubico, Google Titan, etc.) could be added?


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