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What happened with the forum interface?

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Has it changed just recently? I couldn't find any announcements or discussion. If there is one, please let me know.  I am still hoping this is some kind of a glitch and things will get back to normal.  I thought I had javascript disabled when I first saw this... Horrifying.  Is there a setting to get the old interface back?  Thanks.

Kim Christensen:
Looks the same to me. Sometimes it glitches out though. Refreshing the page works for me.

Looks the same? Wow. It looks completely different , different color scheme, different layout, everything is different. I wonder if it is switchable or something. 

Electro Detective:
Looks the same here as always mate, maybe your browser skin choice is affecting the look =  :-//

You seem to be on mobile.  Follow the menus.



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