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Where is Doug Ford Now?


Hey Guys!

I've been watching the Microphone Design Videos featuring Doug Ford and was really curious where he is and what he's been up to!
It turns out his website is now inactive and it seems that his ASIC registration is deactivated.

Anybody got any ideas what's going on? It'd be so good to hear him on the Amp Hour Podcast just nerding out! The guy just sounds like he's got so many stories to tell!

He went to work for one of his customers.  I still deal with him on occasion, and took over some of his projects.  Not sure I can share any more info.

Ahh I see. Fair enough then! Cheers @Kean!

He is still the Premier of Ontario.

As Kean said, he's now the R&D director at one of his customers. I think he got jack of running his own business.
And he moved up the coast from Sydney. I have to go visit, we still have that Death Star video to do...


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