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Where Is The Post I Uploaded Today Please?


Hello.  About 3 hours ago, I uploaded a post to the "Projects Designs And Technical Stuff" forum.  That is, around 17-Jul-2022 0300 UTC.  The title of the post was "N-Chan MOSFET Switch: Does Reqd VGS Charge For Turn On Increase With IDS?". 

I don't see the post.  Could someone please tell me what happened.  It was a sincere post, and it had some attachments.  I don't understand why I don't see it yet.

Is someone reviewing the post?  Is that why it's not yet visible?

I figured out the problem.  A few minutes ago, I saw that the total attachment size for a post is 5 MB.  About 3 hours ago when I attempted to upload the post, the total attachment size was greater than that value.

A few minutes ago, I reduced the total attachment size to less than 5 MB.  I then successfully uploaded the post.

Thanks anyway to everyone.

I apologize for not realizing my error earlier.


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