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Where is the "sent" folder ?

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Hello all,

I've been having a private discussion with another member of the forum, and I think I have a specific disability (maybe ultrashortsighted or even blind) as I cannot seem to find my outbox or a "sent" folder where I can see the messages I've recently sent...

Thank you for your help !!
Best regards

My messages, on left side select 'sent items'

Edit: sorry I just realized the options on the left are collapsible. Might need to toggle that.should be some arrows somewhere. I'm on mobile using desktop version so my layout is likely odd

Thank you sooo much !!!
Got it !

... the problem is that the latest messages (from yesterday for example) are missing...

When I first used the private message section I think I had seen the "sent messages" folder  but it was empty, and did not show the messages I had sent. That is why I forgot about it.

The older messages appeared only now when I got back to the folder.

Any idea ?

Other forums automatically keep sent messages in your outbox or sent folder, often limiting the total number of messages sent and received before you are forced to purge.

This forum doesn’t keep sent messages unless you check the “Keep a copy in my outbox” box below the message window. By “outbox” I guess they mean “Sent messages folder”.



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