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Why did I get a banned for spam message?

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I haven't been here since Oct, 15, 21. I ask a question got two responses and all is good, No spam involved.
Today I try to log in and I get this:

"Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Your spam is not wanted here
This ban is not set to expire."

 Can an administrator look into this and fix it?

 I did get in with my Email and password, but only because I went incognito, behind a VPN.

 I'm sure I posted nothing that could be called spam. I think a software glitch, somewhere.

The fact you got in via an alternate route suggests it was an IP ban, not one directed at you personally. You just have the bad luck to be assigned that IP now.


I've got the exact same problem !

I first got this message while logged in after refreshing the page.
It seemed strange because i never broke any forum rule.

After visiting the forum from a new private tab, the same message appeared but with "sorry Guest" instead of "sorry Username".

Like the OP, i am also using a VPN, but this has no effect on the message. It will appear no matter if the VPN is used.

However, it does not appear when a different browser is used.
I first got blocked on my computer using Safari.
Now i am also blocked on my iPad using Safari.

I am writing this post on Firefox (on the same computer that was blocked using Safari).

This would suggest that it is not an IP ban.
Maybe Safari related ?

@Qmavam: which browser are you using ?

If it depends on browser then its going to be cookie based right. Did you clear all cookies for


I've had the same problem. Wasn't logged in quite a while, use VPN. Got the ban notice when trying to follow a link from Youtube. I'm using Chrome. What solved it for me was clearing all cookies on the login page that had the ban notice showing. Refreshed page, could log in.

best regards


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