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How about a review on wireless chipsets that implement the new Zigbee stuff?  There are quite a few out now, especially interesting are the Texas Instruments, and as a beginner, it's really slowing me down trying to decide on how to pick one out.   

As a hobbyist, I could burn through a 2-3 thousand dollars buying all the demo/eval boards out there, so the only way through it is to grab all the datasheets and then try to decide.  I'm finding those datasheets are sometimes just what you need, but also sometimes leave out a lot of frustrating flaws in the chips that experts already sort of "know" about through reputation/idustry knowledge.  I'm in the software industry and the exact same thing happens - the equivalent of a datasheet in hardware is an SDK or API in software - and sometimes it "just works" according to spec, and other times it's a buggy piece of crap.


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