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your favourite projects


ste hughes:
Dave i love the blog

i am crap at electronics but i find it interesting and just enjoy it

i will never be a pro and have no interest to be but!

i would love you to do a episode on maybe your favourite project, your most interesting, your most boring

you know what i mean  ;D just your most memorable projects from your career or hobby time!

keep up the good work mate

Dave does features his projects from time to time. the wrist calculator for example and mnay other tid bits, even the hacking of the headlamp was a project as it required reverse engineering the thing and modding it.

ste hughes:
yeah i agree he does that

i was thinking a one off where he talks about his favourite project ever

his most interesting ones

the funniest - he could have built a vibrating arse tickler for all we know

the strangest

i know he does shows on his projects but i was thinking a look back at the projects that stick out for him if you get me - could be pretty funny  ;D

Yep, I'll have to do something along those lines every now and again.

There was this one time where I measured the shock and vibration characteristics of feminine hygiene products...


i find myself torn between wanting and not wanting to know more.... :o


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