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"Laureline" embedded GPS NTP server

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Has anyone tried the ATGM336H for PPS solutions it’s suppose to be a neo clone

I've been using a Teensy 4.1 with the Ethernet kit https://www.pjrc.com/store/ethernet_kit.html as a NTP server, as described in this thread: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/61581-Teensy-4-1-NTP-server and it has been working well for the past year or so. The Teensy's MAC does have hardware timestamping. I provide a 1PPS signal from a separate GPDSO. The board itself is very compact. My implementation is less so because I put it inside an 8" concrete block and then that in an insulated box, to slow down its temperature drift. Having done that, the Teensy reports an internal clock drift of 0.005 ppm per hour (which is measured and also corrected by the external GPSDO 1-PPS) so that seems to work pretty well.

Hi Andrew,

I have been following your NTP Project for a while, and i will probably build one, but the thing that attracts me to the Laureline is that all of the configuration has to be done via the USB, and the Ethernet only give you the opportunity to query the time. It is a bit safer from any intruding hands trying to reset or change time etc.
It will be use on a non-mission critical business environment where I want to have a backup source to the internet NTP's. 

JBeale: Same with the Teensy 4.1 I think, but I just ordered one to try it.

Thank you for your opinions and feedback. I have been tinkering with GPSDO for a couple of years now, and this will give me an opportunity to benefit from their accuracy.

I will let you both know of my testing and opinion.


Yes, AFAIK the Teensy implements only what is actually needed on the network side, and it has no OS at all. Not to say it's necessarily secure from any network malfeasance, but if there is an attack, it would have to be designed for that rather unusual device.  Mine is only on my LAN, not exposed to the wider net but it has worked fine for a year or so, and it has the attractive feature of being fairly cheap as such things go.

My take on GPS NTP servers:



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