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Active probe?

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I got 5 samples from TI (TI direkt store) for the BUF802 within 2 days from Singapur so no problems for now..
Now i have to try to find "hobbytime" to do the schematic for a single ended active probe..

I designed a simple probe using three 2SC3356 transistors



You could also use a BFR93 rather than 2SC3356 (I used this because it was available at LCSC cheap, it is a 7 GHz transistor).


--- Quote from: awallin on January 02, 2020, 07:28:43 pm ---Are there any good ~1 GHz active probe open designs out there?

would simply a high-speed FET opamp work? comments, ideas?
The +/-2.5V supplies would be nice to generate from 5V USB - any ideas for a small low-noise dc-2-dc converter for that? (followed by low-noise LDOs)

--- End quote ---

I have an FET RF probe, it works well. It uses what must be a few dollars in parts.. It does not load the circuit, so the scope can see RF better.

Basically thats what it does. I got mine on ebay...It works well..

no reason for it

Use a Zo probe like Tektronix P6156


See Tektronix Circuits Concept book Oscilloscope Probe Circuits


A forum search for 'z0 probe' (note z zero) will yield a lot of threads.

Edit: Actually, so will 'Zo probe' (although the z0 ones are more relevant).


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