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recently I just finished my 6.5 resolution voltage meter basic range debugging, and posted the HW in my blog.  it's a low cost version,  bom cost less than 100usd. It's based on ads1256, which is a very low noise adc, but the INL is not good, luckily it can be compensate. you can find the test result, schematic and Gerber file here:

now the basic range (+-2.2v)works fine, with ODR2.5 Hz noise is about 1uV, most of time the last digit is not jumping even without sw filter.
in the following weeks I will make calibration for other ranges, after I finished all the debugging I will put it into open HW block here.

Thanks that looks remarkably like what I need


--- Quote from: jaromir on April 02, 2021, 08:21:42 pm ---Sorry for the shameless plug, but there are some long-scale voltmeters out there
also handheld voltohmmeter
and even primitive multimeter built for specific reason in a specific way
Today I would design a thing or two differently in all those projects. All of those are probably more expensive than 100USD in material alone.

In any way, I haven't built this because I had limited budget, but as a thing to amuse me during winter evenings and I wanted to explore integrating AD converters in the most expensive and time consuming way.
Just building calibrated 5-6 digit voltmeter is more expensive than buying second hand multimeter and designing one is quite a long journey on top of it.

--- End quote ---

Thanks a lot for posting that, it is very informative.


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