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Are there any open source audio amplifier designs?

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--- Quote from: Ground_Loop on September 18, 2021, 05:31:16 pm ---This one from a GA Tech professor has been popular


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I built one of those years ago and it's a great amp, but it isn't class D and it isn't anywhere near 1kW. It's more of a hi-fi amp than a sub amp.

I have a Double-Barrelled build aka Leach SuperAmp that is still working fine, it's a very good power amplifier among the best I've heard. Strange it's appreciated in price so much, acres of heatsinks and TO-3's, 1500VA power transformer just freak people out. It scares me a bit running at +/-85VDC rails. No Class D around here.
I have a bunch of the Low TIM's yet to finish building for the PC and AV rear channels. He had many many students building them at Georgia Tech. An SMD update is on my list too.
I have to laugh at modern AV receivers all maybe ~7 transistors and blow up working hard for a few songs, where he used 21 and it can do club duty.

Dr. Leach's design philosophy of lots of local feedback and little loop feedback really works well I find, but today THD is the Holy Grail so designs are the opposite.


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