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Are there any open source audio amplifier designs?

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So I want to build a class D sub amp, but ideally I would use an already proven open source design. I tried to look for one, but I came up with not a whole lot.

While there are some designs available, they are usually anywhere from a few watts, to maybe 100W. I'm looking for something along the lines of 1kW+

Anyone have any knowledge about any projects?

I would look into application notes for the devices you are considering.  Failing that, contact applications engineers at the manufacturers and see if they have suggestions.


For anything audio related, diyaudio.com is probably a better place to look around.

You can search ebay for "iraud 1000W". Currently there are boards for 1000W at € 52 and for 2000W at about € 88,26. And you may need something like a SMPS800R (connexelectronic). Plus a speaker protection board.

Schematics of those amplifiers can be found in the web once you know what to look for. Iraud amplifiers are an old, yet good solution. The ready made boards may need some rework though, as they take the low voltage supplies from the high voltage rails, which isn't very nice.

Regards, Dieter


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