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Ask shares some good projects of QUCS software

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QUCS is definitely going onto my workbench computer, I really dont have any other choice than to use it for some of the things I want to do.

Like RF filter calculations. My other choice is I can run RFSIM99 under WINE.  They overlap a bit but not as much as I'd wish.


--- Quote from: GN89 on December 14, 2021, 12:45:36 pm ---I think Qucs is dead because there is not enough power to keep that project running. Unfortunately there is another project QucsStudio by Michael Margraf. He develops it as closed source which is indeed problematic because we don't know how much of the original code is in there which might end up in a lawsuit when GPL was violated. Maybe we should check on that because I think the community needs a good RF design tool which is open and not closed like QucsStudio.

--- End quote ---

Michael is the original author who got that thing rolling. Qucs studio stems from a version that is ~12
years old, which is probably pretty much the state of his time of his time at TUB. He simply
freed himself from a verbose group  of developers that did not achieve much since then.
The group just petered out. Look at what's new since then.

Some good  stuff is on <    http://www.gunthard-kraus.de/     >,
also a legal retro version of the Ansoft Designer Student Version and other interesting things.


Kicad is much more usable and advanced those days.

Yes, and Porsche has a new car, and there are new trucks, too.

Qucs Studio has links to Kicad, probably not yet V7. I did not
check it, I have an own Altium Designer License for daily work.

There are also links to octave, Ikarus Verilog and GHDL-VHDK,
for example.


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