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AVR Training Board Exclusive for Dimmer



Open-source link: https://github.com/AliRezaJoodi/AVR_Projects/tree/main/TrainingBoardExclusiveForDimmer

Note: Included schematic and PCB layout with  Altium Designer

- ATmega32 Microcontroller
- 11.059200MHz External Crystal
- Dual isolated power supply for SCR drivers
- SCR Gate Driver (2x)
- Zero Crossing Detector
- 4~20mA Analog Input
- 4~20mA Analog Output
- 0~5V Analog Output
- RS232
- RS485
- 16x2 Character LCD
- LED (8x)
- Buzzer
- LM35 Temp Sensor
- Potentiometer for ADC
- Button (5x)

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GitHub Account: GitHub.com/AliRezaJoodi
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