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avr5hat - OSHW, Pi hat to program up to 5 AVR's at once



AVR1 is hardware SPI, the rest are bit-bang, but I have not seen any difference in performance to be honest.

I'm only programming low power boards, so sourcing from the Pi is not an issue. According to the Pi, the 5V is directly from the USB connector, so you can source up to the max your USB supply allows. Jumpers could be easily added.

This looks very handy. Do you know what happens if there is a problem programming one of the devices?

It would be the same as a regular AVRISP, so you could catch the errors if you wanted and act accordingly. The extra GPIO pins could also be used if needed.

I use them to determine when a board has been inserted to start the programming process. My target board has pads shorted together - when avr5hat sees a pull-up GPIO shorted to ground, it starts programming.


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