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Coral SOM host mode


I am designing a hardware based on the Coral SOM and the dev board schematic. Here is the datasheet of the SOM -

On page 20, there is the USB pin-outs. I don't need the OTG function and want to run both the USB ports as host. There is no documentation in this respect in the datasheet.

    1. For host mode, how should I configure the 4 pins, USB1_VBUS, USB2_VBUS, USB1_ID and USB2_ID ?
    2. Should I connect the ID pins to GND ?
    3. Whats the function of VBUS detect pins ? Does this pin state matters in the host mode ?

Why are you asking this forum instead of emailing Google?

Whats the harm in asking here ? please explain ...

USB1_VBUS and USB2_VBUS are the VBUS_DET pins. VBUS detect modes are only useful for OTG/upstream facing device, not relevant to host mode. Unconnected, pulled high, or grounded should be fine.


ID pins should be ok to be connected to ground.

The benefit of asking Google is that they might actually update their datasheet.

Google is very slow in support. For Coral, they actually redirects any queries to Asus China, probably OEM for the Coral SOM. Which takes a significant time and hard to understand their reply with their Chinese English.


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