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Crazy powerful radio transmitter

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I had a friend talk about an extremely powerful RF circuit that was transformer coupled through a microwave oven transformer apparently it would light up the neon lights under his truck and wonder would this type of circuit most likely be a VCO or if anyone has heard anything similar

and it was wired into the truck so the source was very likely 12V dc unless an inverter circuit was used which I doubt

Richard Crowley:
Microwave oven transformers (MOT) are mains-frequency devices (50Hz or 60Hz). It is unlikely that there is any MOT on this planet that will pass anything remotely resembling "RF".

An MOT all by itself will light neon lights.  Even when driven with a low-frequency oscillator powered from 12V.  Again, no "RF" required here.

If he really was driving down the street with a "Crazy powerful radio transmitter" I would advise him to stay clear of FCC agents.

That funny because he himself said that if I ever a way to construct it, it's construction would only be operated in a Faraday cage then it must have been more likely a HV supply which again I'm confused how he didn't blow up components at this voltage unless external control circuitry was used

So, he'll put his truck in a Faraday cage to comply with FCC?

He didn't I'm unsure if the laws weren't in effect for time period or if it went largely unnoticed for him I however planned on building it myself and then implementing a Faraday cage love the satire though the image that gave me is truly golden lol


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