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Multitask Garden Robot, Emulator Prototype.


It's a 50 lbs robot that can save 12000 lbs of food packaging waste over a 20 year lifetime, and 4000 lbs of synthesized fertilizer.


I see the dev cost of this robot as being 100 times less than a self-driving car: single error fatality risk, unlimited chaotic cities, 90mph compute time limits, make self-driving cars unfeasible compared to multitask garden robots.

Fruit-picking is very difficult using AI, but weeding, digging, sowing seeds, irrigation, are fairly easy tasks, and an experienced developer knows that anything is possible with logic.

Millions of acres of farmland are chemically and brutally treated for food that is wrapped in plastic, shipped hundreds of miles, to supermarkets, so as an environmental chemist, rural processes analyst and EE dabbler, I have created an emulator prototype for a garden robot :)


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