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Finding replacement part for a Zener diode


In the OpenBCI Cyton board , the BOM contains a 3V zener diode (CZRQR52C3-HF), unfortunately the product has reached its end of life as per Mouser Electronics. can someone please point out a replacement I can use, it would be much appreciated , there is a lot of challenging stuff for me as a newbie regarding the programming side so any tips regarding the OpenBCI board would also be much appreciated.

Thank you

Clear as mud:
I'm not familiar with this application, but for most applications, you could substitute any zener diode with the same physical size and voltage rating.  I see yours is a 0402 size, though, and I don't find any 3 volt 0402 zener diodes on Mouser.   However, Digikey still has over 400 in stock of your part number.

Obtaining a zener in a conventional 0402, 0603, footprint appears to be a hard item to locate. A more common diode footprint, like SOD-323 seems to greatly improve your choices. One possibility is LM3Z3V3T1G, which is observed at LCSC at a very low price point.


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