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Green Detect - Opensource Wireless Sensor Network


Hello everyone, I share my new project with you: Green Detect.
Green Detect is an opensource Wireless Sensor Network Platform (WSN) , for enviromental monitoring.
Each sensor module is based on Wemos D1 mini pro with ESP8266.

In the network it is possible to connect from 1 to 60 sensors that transmit their data via wireless through the ESP-NOW protocol to a computer where through the Green Detect application it is possible to monitor each individual sensor, detect alarm conditions, locate the sensors in an animated geographic map and record all acquisitions in order to collect all data for preventive and statistical purposes.

It has been a long and exciting project that I hope can offer a stimulus to those who want to improve it.

The project is detailed here: https://hackaday.io/project/186064-green-detect

Repository: https://github.com/Green-bms/GreenDetect

Youtube video presentation:

My brother in christ, did you have to use text to speech for your video? I'd rather have text on screen.

You can enable subtitles on Youtube...

This is the video with a working prototype:


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