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Idea for open source I2C 12 channel servo controller

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Hey guys!

I am thinking about this for a few weeks now but I'm still not sure ifI should do it.

I have designed a 12 channel I2C servo controller and I had some proto boards manufactured by iTead studio. Of course the design will need some more refining but the main functionality is there.

 Now I'm thinking about making the controller an open source hardware project and releasing the design files, schematic and code under the creative commons license (share-alike) and therefore make it open source hardware.

To top things off I might even go to Seeedstudio and let them manufacture and distribute the board (as I have no big rep I certainly couldn't sell the boards.

The things that are keeping me back are the question if there is even any need of yet another 12 channel I2C servo controller or if there is just too much well known and proven products out there.

Do you think this is a good idea and that I should be attempting it?

Go for it, let the design be your advert. Nothing wrong with doing it, and it adds to the collective as well, and may prove useful to others as well, with a similar problem, who may also use it in their designs and attribute you.

Before hitting the manufacture button, are you aware that you can do a 16 channel controller with a single chip -

Thanks Sean and Mike!

I'm afraid the specialized chip wouldn't be cutting it, though it has more channels because I have been thinking about adding more features like saving the current positions and then automatically go to these positions on startup, might aswell add a feature so the user could send a scaled 0 to 180 degree angle to the controller and it takes care of the correct pulsewidths (make it a no-brainer for the Arduino lot / beginners)

Keep em coming ;)


--- Quote from: Torrentula on August 01, 2012, 06:11:55 pm ---Do you think this is a good idea and that I should be attempting it?

--- End quote ---

Yes, and yes!
Just do it.
You'll never have any idea how many other people will want it unless you put it out there.



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