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I did several searches and didn't see this posted anywhere:

Not cheap though at around $250.

Especially compared to a raspberry pi, they're a bit late getting into the hobby stuff, it must be a big enough market to be drawing their attention though.

Unfortunately besides the price it's also not quite feature-complete to make it PC-compatible, which may have been their original goal - if it was, it would be a lot more attractive. The CPU is $54 and the chipset is $9. If it's open-souce I can see the Chinese getting copies out for far less than $250.

Only 12 GPIO is rather dismal; many of the other chipsets have several dozen.

At least datasheets for the devices are available, unlike the Pi...

EDIT: AMD GizmoBoard might be what they're competing against at that price point, but that one is supposed to be PC-compatible enough to run Windows.

I can't see any innovative or attractive about this - simply a me too product hoping on the bandwagon
even the naming is lame. lure=shield=cape=boosterpack

aside from raspberry pi, beagle bone there is now also the cubieboard V2

The only thing that would get me close to buying the intel is a 50% drop in price and a second network interface for a cheap home/firewall router and PCengines have been doing this for years http://pcengines.ch/alix.htm (processors getting a bit long in the tooth though)


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