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Keyless Motorcycle Ignition
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:50:06 am »
Hi EEVBlog,
I've been working on a keyless motorcycle ignition for a couple years, and decided to release my latest iteration as an open source project. It is controlled by a smartphone app over BLE, and an extra layer of encryption/authentication is used to make up for some BLE vulnerabilities. There are a few other wireless ignition projects that I've seen, but I think mine is the first to use the stock ignition housing & wiring connector which makes for a very clean installation. This version disables the key switch (and the lock mechanism can be replaced with a 19mm button), but the next version will sense the position of the key with a potentiometer and the key will be able to override commands received over bluetooth.

I have a working prototype installed on my own motorcycle, and most of the planned features have been implemented. The smartphone app uses the Ionic framework and fully supports Android, and iOS support is nearly done (but stalled because I don't have an Apple device to test on). Battery usage is acceptable (~15%/day on my Galaxy S9), even with a proximity feature that automatically unlocks the ignition, and could be further reduced with geolocation or activity recognition. The hardware is controlled with a BGM111 module, but I'm planning on switching to an nRF51824 because it is cheaper, automotive grade, and is fully supported by OSS toolchains. I've been working on adding some documentation but it's still pretty sparse.

This is my first big project that I'm releasing open source, and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention, all motorcycle ignition housings obviously aren't exactly the same, but most street bikes (ie. not dirt or race oriented, but includes race "inspired" models [YFZ-R6, KLX-250, etc]) have very similar housings that my design supports. I'm also working on a PCB design that will support most race bikes (eg. R6, CBR600RR, etc).
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