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Makerbot going closed source?

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Just saw this article at Slashdot.
While not confirmed by the company, it seems that the next Replicator will not be open source.

A great loss to the 3D printer scene if it's true.

As I mentioned in my latest video, I suspect this decision (if confirmed as true) was made long before the Tangibot.
And if true, to what extent it's gone "closed" is unknown.


So ? Who cares... As long as it works.. Reliably... Accurately ... And with a turnkey installer. Get them to fix that first.

I've been playing with an UP! 3d printer. That one just works. Nice, clean very intuitive software, send to machine and walk away. Pp3dp.com

Designed at a chinese university under guidance of a 'real 3d' printing company. That printer company developed the slicing algorithms and some other techniques and allows them to be used in the pd3dp ( portable desktop 3 d printer ).

The mechanics are simple and reliable , the key is the pc or mac software.

Their code was based on RepRap's one? I am guessing they did a full code rewrite to close source it.


As long as the device uses stepper motors and there exists some open-source program that is able to drive steppers of 3d printer, who cares. Just use another software.

I'm currently working on a lightweight alternative to LinuxCNC. It will support 3d printing too.


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