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Minipro for TL866II Plus Error with .JED file


I just noticed this part of the forum is for HARDWARWE OS not SOFTWARE. Sorry!

I want to program an ATF22V10C  chip I have, however, Minipro states that the .JED file is not valid for my target device. I used WINCUPL and set the device to g22v10.

I should be able to fit the design into an ATF16V8 chip I have, but I may get the same error.
Any ideas?

--- Quote ---minipro -p ATF22V10C -w /home/nicky/Documents/Address_Decoder.jed
Found TL866II+ 04.2.123 (0x27b)

Warning! JED file doesn't match the selected device!

Declared fuse checksum: 0x42F4 Calculated: 0x42F4 ... OK
Declared file checksum: 0x9E30 Calculated: 0x9E30 ... OK
JED file parsed OK

Use -P to skip write protect

Erasing... 0.33Sec OK
Writing jedec file...  5.01Sec  OK
Reading device...  0.32Sec  OK
Writing lock bit... 0.35Sec OK
Verification failed at address 0x16C6: File=0x01, Device=0x00

--- End quote ---



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