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My open source GPS logger. Request for comments

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The battery is 3000mAh, and device works with battery voltage above 2.9-3V. So after full charge let's say 0.9 of capacity is used = 2700mAh.
Current consumption while tracking is a little below 40mA, while in sleepmode below 1mA. 2700mAh / 40 mA = 67.5h of continuous tracking,
at least based on the calculations. Though I was not testing battery life this way, I was testing it together with sleepmodes to see if it lasts for a
couple of weeks under my car and it did. I have upgraded the battery from 1800mAh to 3000mAh since then and have not tested these yet.

A coup of years ago, I have made this 10 MHz GPS frequency standard


--- Quote from: krakrukra on November 02, 2018, 05:46:33 pm ---Well, the antenna for the receiver is actiually on the bottom layer. This implies that signal comes from the satellites,
reflects off the ground, and then goes to the antenna just through the enclosure. That is the idea behind component placement.

The mounting holes are not actiually used there. The case just comes like this from the manufacturer.

--- End quote ---

That sounds like a problem. Does any commercial GPS implement an antenna that way?

Yes, I actiually got this idea from TKSTAR TK905, these are sold on aliexpress. They have receiver on top and antenna on the bottom.
There really is no better place for it, since the device is supposed to be mounted below the car magnetically on a metal surface.
So antenna either faces the ground or the hull.

The Garmin Montana, and Oregon handheld (hiking) GPS units do it because the display is almost the size of the enclosure.
I wonder how that affects the radiation pattern of a patch antenna.


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