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Can your project be used to detect X-ray intensity?

Can this tube detect alpha and beta particles? Most of the cheap tubes can only detect gamma. I want one that can be used to check food in the store aisle discretely. (headphone jack or bluetooth headphone is best for privacy)

A good survey meter bought to do this can easily cost over $500, too much..

My ideal meter would add a sensitive (indoor GPS capable) GPS and logging so one could review its readings for the day and where it was when it saw those peaks..

Skytraq GPSs are sensitive enough to record meaningful locations indoors, like in supermarket aisles.For antenna the Sarantel quadrifilar helix mini antennas are excellent.

For sensors for surveying food one needs an "alpha window".

Second this case , I've been wanting to build one for a while (or even just buy one), but the lack of alpha detection has always turned me off.

Since OP has a nice open source project here, maybe we could use two or more tuba and that way differentiate the particles?

Nice unit here;
Either alpha or electron/gamma
The BPX61 is pricey at Digikey/Mouser.
Ali Express has them for substantially less, but "ahem" hit & miss .. might be OK, in case one trashes a unit (or two) removing the window

Have a pocket Japanese diode gamma counter  (Air counter S)
Works OK..the reactor engines outside EBR-1 in Idaho made it happy! :-)

Have plethora of Victoreen cdv-700 units..yeah, they're OK for gamma/beta..

I'd rather use SS silicone rather than "expired iffy mica pancake" units now for alpha ( for the price)

My 2 cents anyway

What you need for alpha sensing is a "pancake Geiger tube".

The usual glass Geiger tube has a metal cylinder, with a wire down the middle, its small and cheap to produce, and gamma rays easily penetrate both the glass envelope and metal cylinder, and it works fine.

Alpha has far less penetrating power, and a pancake tube is round and flat, and across one flat face there is a window that is reasonably transparent to alpha.  I bought a Russian pancake tube many years ago, still have it, but never used it.

My current background counter uses the more usual long cylindrical Geiger tube of Russian military surplus origin.

Pancake tubes:



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