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My OpenSource ESP8266 Geiger Counter Project

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Hi all;

    I  have made a network gerger counter project. just like KiwiSDR Radio project . I want't to build a Geiger Count network.

    Before my project . this is a similar project like radioactive@home:http://radioactiveathome.org/en/  .but this project looks like abandoned。 and the hardware is very expensive for
    some  developing country。

    My proejct use Chinese M4011 geiger tube(a  re-production version of J305β tube)。this tube can easy buy on 1688 or taobao, and still produce 。it's price is 100¥(only 15$)。and it have a low noise than some

    USSR  tube

    another hardware use common  In line component , easy to buy and welding

    here is full project include PCB and software  :


   Youtube Video link

   The work picture:


   Local Network page:

   next step . I will build a website like kiwisdr.com to show the world-wide geiger ... station...To.Do




Great work, really nice!

Pineapple Dan:
Nice !

Uh, the github repo page returns 404, where did it go ?


this project is awesome. Could you check it's Github page - I also has 404 http error. I am interested in replicate this project for my own.

Best Regards


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