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need to identify wire type

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please help me to identify type of wire???

this type of wire is use for connecting two pcb's.

please help ...

What part of your post is open source hardware?

Looks like some sort of Ribbon cable. I counted 25 individual strands. Also the pin pitch is important, that means distance between the pins of the cable. I would use just any old flat cable with same pin pitch.
If I'd have to guess I would take old IDE hard drive cable and fabricate one. If the pitch needs to be higher wires can be separated to achieve correctness.

thank you for reply.

i just want name of this wire cable. this is not ribbon cable.

you can see this type of cable in automotive grade pcb where this is used for connect two PCB.

please give type of this wire pitch and size does not matter.

Jon Chandler:
It's a flat flex cable.  There are a variety of terminations available.


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