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News about the Transistor Tester


Just a few news about the Transistor Tester Project (http://www.mikrocontroller.net/svnbrowser/transistortester/). The official firmware supports the measurement of inductance (somewhat limited) and ESR meanwhile. Documentation is available in English and German. My latest version of the alternative firmware will be also uploaded soon. New feature is the measurement of small resistors (resolution 0.01 Ohms). Of course it's not very accurate (2wire) but usable :-)

You don't need to buy the cheap copy from eBay, build the original tester and get the latest firmware! Great project for MCU beginners!

I want to make my own board for that tester.  Just for the fun of it. I might even make a kit. But as usual it will take me a long time to get anything done. xD

Oh well let's see what becomes of it.

Cool project tho.



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