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Open source Weller RT compatible soldering station with Tweezers :)

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Hi, Riccardo,

Quote from: riccardo.pittini
" I designed the case and figured out connector and connections for the Weller tweezers (RTW 1 and similar) "

On the attached photo, I am looking for the 5-pin female connector that can be seen in the 3D black case.
Do you have a reference for this connector and where did you buy it?
Thanks for your help.


Binder 09-9792-20-05


Thank you croma641

I know many people will say "no no no".. you can still connect the thermocouples in parallel and the resistive elements in parallel.
In this way you can drive both left-right elements with a single channel, main drawback is that you loose precision in the temperature control (e.g. when you have different thermal mass between left and right side of the tweezers). It is not an optimal solution, but sufficient for amateur /not pro use.


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