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My BMS project is sadly not open source, but I started the development as a quick&dirty hobby project and early code (and some documentation in form of .txt files) can be seen at https://github.com/siwastaja/bms , feel free to take influence. Note this does not represent the final system, it's just my own personal repository and pushed later into Github "as backup" and for everyone to see, also there was no effort to make it readable for others. The HW itself basically was not much more than fuse, ATTiny25, communication AC coupling capacitor, voltage measurement resistor divider and an LED with the series resistor. Start/End chain modules included additional optoisolation. Most of the magic was in the master module which I produced at least three different versions of, and another team member one of their own.

I understand the amount of work that goes into maintaining an actual open source project with proper documentation etc. I have the bad habit of leaving that for others to do. Somehow getting paid for writing documentation makes it happen :).

Check this out https://foxbms.org/ .Huge project (overdesigned in some aspects) but can be source of useful information


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