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Open source smartphone - is it feasible?

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A good way would be to root your phone and customize it for yourself! But the main thing is that the phone can be rooted. For example, Honor phones cannot be rooted.


--- Quote from: Magnificent Bastard on July 27, 2020, 12:57:02 am ---So, here's my idea-- you choose instead a cellular DATA module (with NO voice capability).  Then you connect this to a small but capable MCU (Like an ARM Cortex-M7).  The small computer implements a VoIP phone, and there must be some kind of external server that helps to establish the initial connection.  If two phones using the ZRTP protocol are connected, you now have a connection that cannot be tapped.  For additional fun, each phone could also connect through a VPN, and the server (for initial IP discovery, so you can call people) could be an 'onion' address on the Tor network.  So, now you are also hard to trace physically as well.  This could all be built in a very small package like a small flip-phone (or similar).

--- End quote ---

bunnie Huang ( https://www.bunniestudios.com/ ) is current making a mobile device.


Peter Gamma:
Does it have to be a completely open source phone? There are so many great Linux phones available:


and there also many great Linux watches available these days:


and there is a growing community for these devices.


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