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I stumbled across this project: 
Listening to his video, this sounds great - I would love to hear Dave's opinion on the build, and if there are any safety concerns, and/or curious if anyone has built this or something similar?

Pineapple Dan:
There are loads  of designs available, some better than others. I have made a few of my own design that Ill post later, they all work but i'm still not happy with the current capacity. I stopped making them last year as I could not get parts anymore - the ACS sensor in that design you posted is still out of stok everywhere although there is a drop-in replacment by TI available. I had just switched from using a PIC16F1509 to a dsPIC33EP64GS504 in order to get ready for a multi-phase buck design but now I can't get that micro anywhere.

https://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-010042 <-- This one is quite nice but also more complex

Seeing the casing, I do not think there would be any safety issues. Let's see if Dave responds.


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