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OpticalShow - use optical fibers to transmit RGB leds


Hello, I share my latest and simple project called OpticalShow.
OpticalShow is a system that uses optical fibers to transmit the light emitted by an RGB LED matrix.
Each fiber is associated with its own LED and allows you to remote its RGB light to animate projects, such as panels, maps, artistic objects and wearables.
It consists of a 3D printed plastic mask that interfaces with an 8x8 RGB matrix, with a small hole of 0.75 mm in diameter near each single LED.

The first application I made is an animated world map, where I lit and controlled 256 cities and where I made a 32x8 matrix for scrolling texts, here's a video:

Instructables project page: https://www.instructables.com/The-World-Is-Mine/

OpticalShow page: https://hackaday.io/project/189963-opticalshow

Wow, the fiber optics on the backside of the map are so psychedelic!  :-+

OMG! What a show! Lots of hard work. How long did it take you to complete this project?

Very cool!!

What you might consider doing next time is to sand the ends of the fibers rather than just snipping them, to get a wider viewing angle without "hotspots".


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